Free River Club – Expectations and Basic Rules

Created: April 2018

Guest Expectations

·         Please respect the home of the host.  Please treat game equipment with respect and take care to keep the playing area in order.

·         The home is smoke free.  Please use tobacco or vape products outside by the north end of the garage.

Quick Reference

·         COURTESY

o   Please refrain from comments about a hand in progress that may influence players active in the pot.

o   Players are welcome so long as they support a pleasant playing environment.  Insults and disrespectful behavior toward players or hosts will not be tolerated.  (However, insults directed toward the Winnipeg Jets, Colorado Avalanche, any team from Philadelphia, the Green Bay Packers, Chicago White Sox, or the New York Yankees are always acceptable.)

o   All players should assist in pointing out possible errors to help keep issues to a minimum.


o   The host will make decisions on rules when needed.  Additionally, when there are other players with rules and hosting experience available the host may nominate such players at the outset as alternate decision makers able to make a rules-decision when the host is involved in an issue or when otherwise convenient.

o   For ring games the Free River Club uses “Robert’s Rules of Poker” by Bob Ciaffone with club-specific amendments shown on the Rules and Stakes page.

o   For tournament play, the Free River Club uses Tournament Directors Association (TDA) rules.

·         DEALING

o   Feel free to ask for help if you have questions.

o   Cut cards protect the bottom of the deck, burn cards protect the top.  Please use both correctly.  Only burn cards at the conclusion of a round of action, never in advance.

o   To protect the game, all players should assist by pointing out action in progress if the dealer appears to be dealing prematurely.

o   In big-bet poker (Spread Limit, Pot Limit, or No Limit) players may agree to deal twice or three times for equal portions of the pot.  If dealing in this situation, please wait a moment before proceeding to afford players the opportunity to decide on this.

·         ACTION

o   Place bets in front, separate from the center pot during each round.  (No Splashing.)  Allow the dealer to gather the bets at the end of each round.

o   When facing a bet (or a blind) a single chip in the pot is a call absent a prior verbal declaration.

o   Please allow the dealer to return change at the end of the round if you use an oversize chip.  Making change with another player’s bets adds confusion as to who is in the pot and for how much.

(Making change for chips not used in present action is acceptable provided it does not slow the action.  Always confirm agreement before handling chips from another player’s stack.)

Thanks for reading.  We hope you enjoy visiting us.